About Sea Shells and Sugar

Hello, I am Sarah Kilens, author and recipe creator for Sea Shells and Sugar.Learn about Sarah Kilens

On Sea Shells and Sugar you will find:

  • Simple and delicious recipes I have created
  • Unique recipes from other food bloggers
  • Tips and recommendations on restaurants in New England (or where ever my travels take me)
  • Grocery Grabs: A collection of awesome items found at local grocery stores that I love to cook with

Not only do I love to cook and share my recipes with you, I also enjoy discovering flavorful dishes at different restaurants throughout the New England Seacoast. A lot of my recipe inspiration for Sea Shells and Sugar comes from different restaurant experiences, other talented food bloggers and of course, Pinterest always helps for ideas!

My passion for cooking and trying different foods does come with its challenges, as I have recently discovered I am gluten intolerant.

Majority of my recipes on Sea Shells and Sugar are gluten free.

Although I am gluten free, most of my family and friends are not, which is why I still make a few non-gluten friendly recipes. Not to worry, my helpful husband does the taste testing for those recipes :)

Here are my top 3 favorite gluten free recipes:

Spinach and Cheese Bites

Fresh Tossed Broccoli Salad

Chocolate Covered Walnut Peanut Butter Balls

As I navigate my way through the world of being gluten free, I am constantly looking for new recipe inspiration and ideas. I hope you find my recipes on Sea Shells and Sugar to be helpful, inspirational and tasty in your own kitchen!


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