My Experience with the BluePrint Cleanse

Posted by Sarah Papachristos on Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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We Think. You Drink.

The BluePrint Cleanse is really that simple. About two weeks ago I embarked on a juice cleanse journey and the results truly amazed me. Although I was skeptical and had my concerns in the beginning, after doing some research on the BluePrint cleanse and following instructions, my cleansing journey was entirely smooth.

By far, the BluePrint cleanse was the best thing I have ever done for my body!

I had extreme amounts of energy, clarity in my mind, no headaches and all of my digestion issues from my gluten intolerance vanished. I almost didn't want to end the cleanse because I didn't want to lose the amazing feeling it gave me. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

I want to share with you my experience with the BluePrint cleanse and how it has changed my world! 




Why I did the BluePrint Cleanse:


When I returned from vacation, a coworker and friend was actually in the middle of doing the BluePrint Cleanse. She told me all about it and the positive effects it had on her. With her high recommendation I decided to look into it.

The main reason I did the cleanse was because of my gluten intolerance. I discovered this intolerance in September, 2012 and I have tried to remain gluten free since. It hasn't been a year yet and I still struggle with being gluten free. Certain situations, such as traveling, going out to dinner, etc., no matter how careful I am, sometimes upset my system.

Since I recently put my body through going on vacation and traveling (Going on vacation is always tricky for me!) I decided to do the BluePrint Cleanse and get a fresh start.



Where to start with the BluePrint Cleanse:


First off, I would recommend consulting with your doctor before purchasing the cleanse to make sure this is a safe cleansing method for you.

Once you are ready, don't forget to do your research! Visit the BluePrint Cleanse's website to learn all about their cleanse packages. I read about all of their packages and based on the descriptions they provided, I chose the Foundation Cleanse.

My reason for choosing the Foundation Cleanse was based on my regular diet and daily habits. I felt as though that option was the best fit for me.

When you go to order your cleanse, keep in mind the days you plan on doing it.


How busy is your work or school schedule on those days? Do you have any events, dinners or trips planned? A key factor in having a successful cleansing experience is to prepare 4-5 days ahead of time and then to properly break the cleanse afterward.

Personally, I prepared my body 3 days before I started the BluePrint cleanse. I then completed 3 full days of the actual cleanse, followed by 4 days of breaking the cleanse. I was focused on the cleansing process for 10 days, which is something to consider while you are planning your cleanse.



The Arrival of the BluePrint Cleanse:


Once the start date of your juice cleanse gets closer, you will receive a couple of emails from BluePrint Cleanse explaining what to expect with the delivery process. They urge you to refrigerate all of your juices as soon as possible.

This part worried me a bit, due to the fact I was not sure where I would be at the time FedEx delivered my package. The delivery process ended up working out fine and BluePrint cleanse does a great job stuffing ice packs to keep the juice cold.

The photos above and below illustrate the large cooler bag the juice arrives in and the amount of ice packs placed between each juice.



My first day on the BluePrint Cleanse:


I woke up excited and eager to start the cleanse. According to FedEx, my package was supposed to arrive at 10:30 AM. In the prep emails from BluePrint Cleanse, they recommended starting your first day with a hot cup of lemon water and to nosh on fresh fruit until your cleanse arrives.

I drank my lemon water and tried to avoid any fresh fruit until my cleanse arrived. Of course FedEx was an hour late, so I had a few blueberries. I just couldn't hold out any longer! It got to the point that I would spin around in my chair every time a car drove by, checking to see if it was FedEx.

When the juice finally arrived I felt like it was Christmas morning!


The package was put together perfectly and included a little note with instructions and rules. But, I was ravenous at that point, therefore I chucked all the juice in the fridge and cracked open my first green juice.


How do they taste?...The Honest Truth:


Green Juice (Bottle Numbers 1,3,5)

I would describe the green juice as a kick in the face to start your day. It is like drinking a salad (minus the dressing of course) that you pureed in the blender. There is a strong celery, lemon and parsley flavor. It says there is apple, but I didn't taste much of that. My exact thoughts were "What have I done, how am I going to do this?".

Not to freak you out because it does get better!

You almost get used to the taste and by the second day I actually didn't mind the green juice at all.


After reading several reviews, I would say it is 50/50 on who likes or hates the green juice. I am not a big fan of parsley and cilantro so I feel that the parsley flavor was the reason I struggled with this juice in the beginning.

P.A.M. (Bottle Number 2)

This is a pineapple, apple, mint juice and I LOVED IT! It has the perfect balance of sweet and minty. These flavors would actually make a nice mojito, for when the cleanse is finished of course! 

This is the perfect refreshing juice. No complaints here!

Spicy Lemonade (Bottle Number 4)

This juice has lemon, agave, cayenne and water. I liked this juice as well. I am not a spicy food lover and therefore was a little nervous about this. But it was not too spicy, it had just the right amount of heat to wake your system up. I also had no problem with this causing heartburn. Overall it was a nice afternoon snack.

Cashew Milk (Bottle Number 6)

They saved the best for last, literally. This cashew, agave, cinnamon and vanilla extract juice is AMAZING. The flavor is sweet, creamy and comforting. It is thick enough that you feel satisfied for the night until you start all over again the next day. By far this is my favorite juice on the BluePrint Cleanse!


Questions people asked me about the cleanse:


Were you hungry all the time?

No, not at all. I was content the entire time. They recommend drinking at least 8 fluid ounces of water or tea between each juice in addition to each juice being 16 fluid ounces. Think about it, that is a lot of liquid in your body and it actually keeps you full. The only time I was hungry was when I waited too long between juices and as soon as I had my next juice, I went back to being satisfied.

Could you exercise on the cleanse?

I am a fairly active person in general and was perfectly fine working out during the cleanse. The cleanse gives you so much energy, it helped to go work some of it off. I would check with your doctor to make sure before you add physical activity to your cleanse.

Did you miss chewing food?

Not until my last day. That was when I was anxious to get back to my normal routine.


Hope you have found this helpful. If you are considering doing the BluePrint Cleanse, I highly recommend it!


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