Fisherman's Soup with Haddock and Shrimp

Summer is finally here! The weather is warm, the sun is shining and the fresh seafood cravings are in full swing. One of my favorite meals to enjoy during the summer is any type of fish soup, chowder or stew. I am very lucky that by living in New England, clam chowder is available year round to indulge in. But since the Summer time provides ample amounts of fresh seafood, I wanted to make a lighter fisherman's soup for a change. 
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Arugula Pesto Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breasts

With all this winter weather we have been experiencing lately, I have my heart heavily set on Spring. Seriously, it is March and I can't handle anymore snow!


Doesn't this bright green arugula pesto remind you of a warm Spring day with blooming flowers? The idea of cooking with Spring colors will speed up the arrival of Spring, is without a doubt a stretch of the imagination.

But, a girl can dream right?

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Chicken and Vegetable Rice Soup

Ever have one of those days that your weeknight dinner inspiration is running low? Need a quick fix to satisfy all members of your household? This soup is the perfect solution.


Not only does this soup provide a healthy, quick weeknight dinner solution, it is also a great way to clean out
your frozen vegetable collection. Those little bags of frozen carrots, peas and broccoli just creep up on you and then before you know it, you have ran out of room for the important freezer essentials. Ice cream and waffle fries.

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