7 Layer Greek Dip

'Tis the season for dips and appetizers! This gem of a dip is from my favorite food blogger, How Sweet Eats. I adore everything about this 7 layer Greek dip because there is so much flavor packed into each layer.

Combining tzatziki, humus, feta, and loads of veggies just screams grab a chip and dive into this crazy Greek flavor party. Maybe I am biased, but the proof is in the left over, empty bowl every time I make it :)

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Traditional Greek Salad

Greek salads hold a special place in my heart. Not only are they one of the many traditional Greek staple meals I enjoyed growing up, but they are also one of the most flavorful salads you will ever make. Yes I am biased, but that is what happens when your last name is Papachristos :)

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Tzatziki Sauce

Have you ever tried a Gyro sandwich before? It is a grilled meat (chicken, pork, beef or lamb) sandwich that comes with lots of vegetables and this amazing cucumber sauce. Well, if so, that tasty cucumber sauce should ring a bell because it is called tzatziki sauce!

Despite the complicated name, tzatziki sauce is extremely easy to make. My family enjoys tzatziki sauce as an appetizer dip with vegetables and pita chips.

I also enjoy tzatziki with grilled chicken and steak. Not to mention on chicken gyros...to die for!

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